WWRF:Invitation to the Workshop Wireless World 2020

 专业国际组织动态     |       2012-5-8

Invitation to the Workshop__

__Wireless World 2020__

 Wednesday 24th Oct 2012, Berlin

With the rapid proliferation of advanced wireless communication technologies and services, wireless communications are now facing many emerging challenges, including prominently spectrum demand and network capacity limitations. There has been dramatic growth of subscriber base, and increasing dependence of world economy and society on wireless communications.
The challenge of this workshop is to identify the key technologies and enablers that will help to form the Wireless World in the era beyond 2020.
The workshop is sponsored by the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF). WWRF’s goal is to encourage global research that will achieve unbounded communications to address key societal challenges for the future. The term “Wireless World” is used in a broad sense to address the support of innovation and business, social inclusion and infrastructural challenges. This will be achieved by creating a range of new technological capabilities from wide-area networks to short-range communications, machine-to-machine communications, sensor networks, wireless broadband access technologies and optical networking, along with increasing intelligence and virtualization in networks. This will support a dependable future Internet of people, knowledge and things and the development of a service universe.
Submissions from academia, industry, regulators and application developers are invited. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

--Air Interfaces and enabling technologies

--Interference management and flexible radio resources allocation

--Novel system concept architectures based on centralized and/or distributed principles

--Security, privacy and trust analysis

--Spectrum management and cognitive network design

--Internet of Things enablers and applications

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Dr Angelikia Alexiou
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